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Based on Half Century-Long Experience
Parent company KAISE corporation has established in 1955 at Ueda, Japan. For more than half a century, KAISE products gain a high reputation for their user-friendliness and high accuracy through various electric measurement by domestic and overseas engineers.

HAILY Co., Ltd. has established in April, 2002 at Tsim Sha Tsui,Hongkong.

HAILY Co., Ltd.has established in Jun,2002 at Dongguan City Guangdong provenience,China.Company strictly observe of the QC request from Kaise corparote.We would like to provide products really good for money.

Quality First
HAILY Co., Ltd. adhering  to the "On the basis of trust and honesty" of KAISE Corporation. To maintain reliable quality, KAISE and HAILY, we carried out total quality management system effective in whole development and production process.

And also, we never stop to collect  different voice of customers, such as suggestions, requests, and complaints, are shared among the departments for future development and quality improvement.

Developing KAISE's Own Unique Products
With the continuous innovation of technology and the diversification of demand. HAILY Co., Ltd worked closely with KAISE technology team to continuously develop the high-value added products that meet the needs of consumers.

Focusing on the requests and needs of our customers, we strive to product more reliable products than ever is our most important mission.

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