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Necessity of Correction

   In order to maintain the safety and correct measurement, regular inspection and correction is very necessary. Our company recommends an annual regular inspection and correction for all products.

Calibration Delegate

   Please use the following method for regular inspection correction.
   Please note that the repair fee will be quoted separately if the calibration and repair are commissioned at the same time.
   You can contact with us through( contact us by chat tools in home page.
   We only accept the products which need correct after get the order form from our Sales and Marketing. Please confirm all the details with our sales department before you send product out.

Post Way for Products

Step 1

Please pack the product with cushioning material which can bear the risk of transportation.

Step 2

Refer to the contents of the following table, post the document which is clearly record the correct type and product together.

Step 3

Mark "Calibration Product Inside” on the package and clearly record the Name, Address and Phone No., sent to the following address:

■After Service Counter

Block B,10/F, Building 2, Huawei Kegu Industrial Park, Jichiling Village, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan

Tel: 86-769-8187 0936

Type of The Inspection and Correction

  According to the certificate,company divided inspection and correction into following four types. Please inform the correction categories you need before mail the product to us.
※Prices will do adjust according to the type of correction, please contact us for any details.
※Only insert Temperature probe can provide traceability information.

Types of Correction


Inspection and Correction

Test Scores

Calibration Certificate

Traceability Data

Simply Inspection and Correction

A Set

B Set

C Set

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