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Anything Wrong with This Product?

  Please double check if the product have malfunction according to "maintance management" recorded in the instruction manual.

Repair Commission

  Please contact sales and Marketing department for the feasibility of maintenance and maintenance fee.
Even in the warranty period, according to the 「Quality Assurance Form」 of paid repair, The products may not free for repair or not applicable to free repair,there also have possibility that the cost of repair or transportation fee higher than purchase fee of this product.

Post Way for Products

Step 1

Please pack the product with cushioning material which can bear the risk of transportation.

Step 2

Packing the Quality Guarantee card and product together.
Please confirm if fill each item in「Quality Guarantee card」and 「Quality Assurance Form」.
※Even in warranty period, if unable to provide "quality guarantee card" or purchase receipt, we may charge the maintain fee.

Step 3

Mark " Need Repair Product Inside”on the package and clearly record the Name, Address and Phone No., sent to the following address:
■After Service Counter

Block B,10/F, Building 2, Huawei Kegu Industrial Park, Jichiling Village, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan

Tel: 86-769-8187 0936

Repair Period

  Normally around 2 weeks after we received product.
  However, according to the repair content,repair period may change.

Payment for Repair


Please pay to the company bank account after confirm all details.

Post Fee

Freight costs will charge to customer.


Sales and Marketing:
Time: 9:00~12:00/ 13:00~17:00 weekday

Quality Assurance Provisions

  Company provide warranty service for related products (except parts,accessories). However, for some special product,company will follow priority to the special provisions.
  The company shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by failure product.

Quality assurance provisions

Company provides free warranty service if correct use according instruction in the warranty period,
However, the following causes of failure, breakage, etc. are not included in the free warranty service.Company will provide paid service if needed.
※Please confirm the repair fee with our sales department.

1 Did not maintain or use the product according Manual Instruction.
2 Unauthorized repair or renovation product.
3 Failure due to transport or fall.
4 Due to fire, flood, earthquake and other non-human factors damage.
5 Consumables (battery etc.) supplement or replace.
6 No 「Quality Guarantee card」, receipt or invalid 「Quality Guarantee card」, receipt.
7 Other malfunction are not direct relate to company.
8 This certificate is valid only in China.

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